Anti-Aging, Immune-Boosting Revelation of the 21st Century …
Nobel Prize Discovery Helps Keep Your Lungs, Heart, and Overall Health Strong and Protected At The Cellular Level

It’s So Powerful, Tech Giants and Silicon Valley Billionaires Invest Millions Of Dollars Into What Time Magazine Calls
“The Immortality Enzyme.”

It’s so powerful that it was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2009 for helping to stave off age-related health concerns.

In fact, for the past 12 years, people across the globe, including tech giants and Silicon Valley’s billionaires…

...have been tapping into this breakthrough to keep their zest and youthful health.

And now you can use it to help re-awaken your immune system...

… so that your body is prepared to fight against pesky, persistent bacteria that could possibly invade your cells...

… and potentially bring you groggy to a hospital bed… which are now almost running out.

So what is this Nobel Prize discovery?

And how can it help keep your immune system in its prime... so you can stay healthy and protected all the time?

I’ll share more details in a moment. But first, let me introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Sandy DeRose.

I’ve been passionate about nature’s powerful health remedies since I was a teenager.

While my friends were hanging out, playing sports and following their favorite bands, my nose was buried in research journals and reference books.
I have spent my entire career finding safe and natural health breakthroughs to help disappointed individuals over 40 regain their youthful strength and health. 

That’s why, when I learned about this Nobel Prize Discovery and how it can help to keep your lungs, heart, and overall health protected at the cellular level…

I felt the need to get the word out. 

And it all starts today. 

In a moment, I’m going to share with you what Time Magazine calls the “immortality enzyme” ...

And how it can help rewind the clock for your aging cells so you stay strong, healthy and active, just like in your youth.

At the same time, I’ll be sharing how it can keep your immune system in tip-top shape…        

So you can rest easy knowing you have a healthy immune system that can fight for and protect you anytime.
It All Started in 1980 ...

… when Elizabeth Blackburn, professor of the University of California, discovered the little protective tips at the ends of chromosomes.

As we all know, chromosomes are tiny thread-like structures that make organisms what they are. 
They’re made up of DNA, which determines how we
grow and what traits we inherit from our parents. 

At the end of these chromosomes are little protective tips called telomeres. 

Telomeres protect the ends of chromosomes from getting worn out or joining with other chromosomes. 

Just imagine telomeres as the plastic cap on your shoelaces . Without the plastic caps, the end of the shoelace becomes frayed.

Newborn babies have longer telomeres, from around 8,000 to 13,000 base pairs.

However, this number tends to decline by around 20-40 base pairs each year.

So, by the time you’re 40 years old, you may have lost up to 1,600 base pairs from your telomeres.

When the telomeres become too depleted due to DNA replication…

The chromosomes reach a ‘critical length’,  which means they can no longer be replicated.

This is because any further division will start defecting some of the DNA that codes essential proteins. 

The chromosomes then send out damaging signals to the body that trigger the release of inflammatory proteins, which may provoke the onset of age-related concerns. 

In turn, these may affect the organs of your body, including your immune system. 

You see, the immune system functions as...

A gatekeeper for what gets in and what stays out of your body

  • When your immune system is working, toxins and viruses don’t stand a chance. When it’s not, the floodgates are wide open. 

  • Your immune system also identifies the difference between your body’s cells and alien cells. Once identified, it will destroy any that could be potentially harmful. 

  • It also eliminates the invader after learning about it. If your immune system doesn’t work well, you will constantly catch colds and never get over them. At the same time, when you’re sick, your body won’t be able to perform at its full potential.

And once you are not fully protected, this could lead to alarming health concerns that may even require hospitalization, which you certainly don’t want to happen at this time. 

Here’s the reason behind such issues: 

Scientists from Johns Hopkins University discovered
   that people with shorter telomere lengths have
immune-system cells that age and die prematurely. 

 These immune-system cells I am referring to are the
 so-called T-cells.

   According to the Journal Of Clinical Investigation,
   people with shorter telomeres have low numbers
of T-cells.

T-Cells Act Like Police Officers
in Your Immune System

They look for viruses and bacteria that may cause harm to your health. 

Once they spot these hiding invaders, your T-cells immediately release messengers for killer T-cells to attack, helping your body to get rid of the invaders. 

Just imagine police officers calling for backup.

However, if your T-cells are low, fewer of them can recognize the viruses. 

So instead of these cells forming and attacking, they will die, allowing those pesky invaders to conquer your body.
The next thing you know…

  • You're catching colds, or have a cold that won’t run its course.
  • You easily get tired.
  • You get sore throats. 
  • Your wounds linger and have a hard time healing.
  • You have frequent diarrhea, gas or constipation.
  • You often seem to be battling infections. 

This is exactly what scientists from the University of Copenhagen found out when they did a study with 75,309 individuals. 
In this study, supported by the Danish Council for Independent Research, four scientists followed these subjects, ages 20–100, over a span of 23 years to determine the relationship of T cells to immune-system health.

Test subjects underwent a laboratory technique called polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, to determine their T-cell length. 

At the end of the 23 years, scientists conducted a follow-up survey. 

They found that out of the 75,309 participants…

9,228 of them had been hospitalized due to infections. 

Moreover, 1,508 of these test subjects had died over the past years due to infection-related issues.

Test subjects were also re-tested using the polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, to determine their telomere length after 23 years. 

Just like the scientists expected, those infected had shorter telomeres.  

But that’s not all ...

The National Institutes of Health agrees that short telomeres also trigger the onset of other immune-related health concerns. 

These include health issues that may affect your joints, heart, lungs, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, to name only a few.

This is why, as you age…

  • You notice you start to feel weak and restless. 
  • You get cold hands more often.
  • You experience bathroom problems that may last for 2 to 4 weeks or longer. 
  • You have difficulty breathing. 
  • You get headaches.
  • You may get itchy, dry, red skin and rash es that don’t easily clear up. 
  • You might also find it difficult to walk up and down the stairs or just stand up from sitting. 
  • And the list goes on. 
So, if you want to avoid the possibility of hospital stays...

It’s very important to keep your immune system in peak condition, especially now that anyone can become a new victim. 

Why not boost your immune system to keep your lungs, heart and overall health in tip-top shape? 

But how? 

The answer is simple:
Keep Your Telomeres Longer
to Boost Your Immune T-cells

The good news is that Professor Blackburn discovered an enzyme that can help keep and grow your telomeres. 

During Blackburn’s predoctoral work at Yale University on telomeres, she noticed a gel-like substance that helps conserve and protect the telomeres from degrading. 

This gel-like substance not only protects the telomeres from shortening…

It also helps to make telomeres grow even longer. 

When Blackburn looked at it through the x-ray film, she saw a pattern, which she believed “could be very big”. 

And through a series of tests and studies…

Blackburn and her colleagues confirmed that this special enzyme can help stop, grow and replicate telomeres. 

She called this enzyme “telomerase”.

The discovery of telomerase was so outstanding, it sent shockwaves throughout the medical world. 

It made headlines across the globe, putting Blackburn in the list of Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World”.

It also won her the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009 for the discovery of telomerase - an enzyme she described as:

  “The science of cells that never get old.” 

In fact, the discovery of telomerase has led tech giants, including Google, to invest millions in research to extend the human lifespan. 

Silicon Valley’s billionaires including Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Peter Thiel (PayPal) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) also support the funding of this venture. 

You see: 

Telomerase is an enzyme that adds DNA to the ends of chromosomes in order to slow, prevent and partially reverse the shortening.

It reconnects and makes those frayed D NA strands grow intact and healthy once again. 
At the same time, it t urns back the clock in the aging process, making you look and feel years younger. 
No wonder Time Magazine calls it...
 “The Immortality Enzyme”

And that’s only the beginning. 

A recent study by the National Institute of Health scientists found that the activation of telomerase not only stops telomere shortening…

But actually increases the number of T-cells in the immune system.

This is because once telomerase is activated in the DNA of a cell, that cell will continue to grow and divide.

Simply put, this means that…

The more T-cells in your immune system, the more policemen to…
 A rrest and Detain the Pesky Intruders
in Your Body

  • Imagine being able to stop catching colds so often. 

  • Imagine being able to bounce back from sickness in as little as 7 to 10 days. 

  • And imagine not remembering the last time you had to visit the hospital because you just feel so healthy and strong throughout your entire lifetime.
That’s not all. 

When your telomeres start to grow longer, the benefits are NOT only limited to your immune system’s health. Far from it!

Your entire body, including your heart, lungs, brain and overall health, will also enjoy the benefits.
  • Belgian researchers at Ghent University showed that the longer and healthier your telomeres are, the younger and healthier your heart becomes.

  • In another study featuring 2,000 nurses, those with longer telomeres have a sharper and younger brain.

  • In an Italian study with over 900 test subjects, those people with healthy blood sugar levels have longer telomere lengths.

  • Scientists from Harvard Medical school confirmed that joint health directly correlates to your telomere length, so the longer your telomeres are, the healthier your joints and bones become.

  • You’ll enjoy youthful energy so you can have the vigor and zest to play with your grandkids.
  • You’ll have a razor-sharp memory so you can easily hop from task to task without losing your train of thought.
  • You’ll notice your skin start to glow with health and life again, to the point where your friends and family members won’t be able to resist asking about your daily skincare secret. 
  • You’ll keep your heart pumping strong so you can work out or go hiking with friends just like in your youth, without gasping for air. 
  • You’ll maintain a sharp and eagle-eyed vision so that driving on long dark roads is a breeze.
Just imagine the whole host of benefits to having long and healthy telomeres...

And now, you can have all these and more simply by activating the enzyme telomerase. 

So, how can you activate your body’s immortality enzyme, telomerase?

According to NASA Researchers...

All you need to do is practice a “HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE”  to activate your body’s telomerase. 

This means you need to...

  • Do the right exercises every single day. 
  • Eat the exact foods in the perfect balance .
  • Not expose yourself to or come into contact with toxins, and...
  • Keep your life consistently stress-free

In short…

These researches want us to live a perfect lifestyle, which is absurd. 

That’s why my team and I decided to step in and help.

Because we know there’s a better and easier way to activate your telomerase without even trying to live a perfect life. 

We started to dig deeper through research journals, books and web pages... 

And finally, after months of painstaking sourcing, formulating and screening…

We found an easier way. 

We’re thrilled to introduce...

Eternal - a breakthrough formula that can help activate your telomerase to support a healthy immune system ...

What’s interesting is that...

Eternal harnesses the power of the “king of herbs” to create a defense system in your body so that it can...

  • Create a team of police officers that work together to protect your cells and organs against harmful predators, and...

  • Add a layer of protection that builds your immune system, so that your body can fight back no matter what comes at it.

What is this king of herbs I’m talking about?

It’s winter cherry. 

Winter cherry can be traced back to around 6,000 BC, where it was considered one of the most important Ayurvedic herbs.

It has a long history and is native to India, Africa and the Mediterranean…
Where it’s used as a rejuvenator to:

  • Fight fatigue 
  • Boost stamina and energy
  • Enhance cardiorespiratory endurance
  • Improve sleep quality and help manage insomnia.
  • Alleviate stress and anxiety symptoms. 
  • Support healthy blood pressure and blood sugar
And now…

The latest research shows that winter cherry can go beyond just being a rejuvenator...

Because it can help slow down the aging process, making you feel, look and live younger.

Scientists found out that winter cherry contains a small molecule, known as withanolides, to help boost telomerase for longer telomeres in humans.

To determine the efficiency of withanolides in improving telomerase activity, scientists used HeLa cells to validate the information. 

The result? 

Withanolides were found to improve telomerase activity. 

But what blows the scientists away is that: 

Simply supplementing 10 and 50 micrograms of winter cherry root extract leads to….
A whopping 45% increase in telomerase activity in as little as 3 days.
Just imagine regaining the lost telomeres you once had in your youth in just 3 days! You’ll enjoy...

  • The energy of your youth.
  • The immunity of a healthy 25-year old. 
  • The stamina and endurance of a college varsity player. 
  • The sharp memory and brainpower of a child. 
  • A vibrant youthful appearance anyone will envy. 
  • And much more. 

In other words, by increasing your body’s natural production of telomerase, you’re giving yourself a boost of true anti-aging protection, right down to the cellular level.

Winter cherry helps activate telomerase activity to keep and grow your telomeres longer.

Not only that, winter cherry builds up and protects your immune system in several different ways.

As An Adaptogen
Many studies have shown that stress can significantly weaken the body’s immune system and its ability to fight infectious diseases.

Winter cherry is an adaptogen. Adaptogens help the body resist emotional and physical stress by adapting to the stressors in the environment.

Winter cherry also improves mental well-being. This helps how you respond to stress and anxiety, which in turn makes your immune system stronger.
As An Anti-Inflammatory
Chronic inflammation slows down the body’s immune response. Inflammation occurs when your body produces an excessive number of cytokines (a molecule). Winter cherry suppresses the production of these molecules by acting as an anti-inflammatory.

The compound withaferin in winter cherry has the ability to reduce inflammation. It’s been shown to reduce markers of inflammation such as C-reactive protein (CRP).

By Producing Antibodies
Your body is a complex machine that can recognize harmful attacks on it. When it does, it produces antibodies to fight bacteria and other infections.

Winter cherry works with your body to produce more antigens, which help to make more antibodies at a faster rate and stimulate the immune system.

By Protecting Your Cells
Winter cherry has potent antioxidant properties that protect the cells against damage by creating a barrier against free radicals and anything foreign.  
The antioxidants in winter cherry are then able to boost the immune system .

I know more people can benefit from Eternal… especially at this time, when staying healthy and protected is so necessary. 

So I want you to be able to try Eternal for yourself, experience the relief and peace of mind it offers, and then suggest it to your friends and family who need it too. 

But you don’t need to take just my word for it. Others are already experiencing the pleasures of taking Eternal:

So happy to have Eternal in my life. I feel like everything is healthier – even my skin and hair look more youthful. And my doctor confirmed it with my last visit – all my levels are down. Thank you for this product, it’s changing the way I age and I get sick less often.
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I was one of the lucky ones who got to try Eternal before there was even a name for the product. I’m lucky because I can’t believe how much energy I now have since trying the product. I feel like I’m in my twenties again. And my wife is happy too ;).
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I have experienced a whole host of benefits from Eternal. I sleep better, am less stressed and feel more energized than I have in years. Best of all I am thinking clearer.

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Angie M.
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And these are just the notes at the top of my stack!        
I’ve got dozens more I could share with you, all telling me how Eternal has changed their lives in countless ways.
I want you to experience the same. 
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Eternal can help you stomp out stress, put the brakes on aging,  and most importantly, support your immune system. 
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Little will you know that your immune system’s T-cells, your body’s policemen, will start to line up and prepare themselves for possible hidden invaders that may attack at any time.

You will feel healthier and younger.

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Sandy DeRose
DeRose Health, President

P.S.  D
on’t wait to order or your supply may not be available until restock, which takes 8-12 weeks.

1 Month Supply
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
$9.95 Shipping in  US
Plus Shipping
6 Month Supply
You Save $138
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
FREE Shipping in US
Per Bottle
2 Month Supply
You Save $20
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
$9.95 Shipping in US
Per Bottle
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